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Double-Drive Four-Valve Dispensing Machine with High PrecisionFS700FD Series

FS700FD series automatic high-precision dispensing equipment is a more flexible online four-valve dispensing system with high speed, high precision and high efficiency which is developed based on the requirements of industries such as VCM, MEMS, MiniLED and SMT.
The system can be provided with 2/3/4-valve synchronous or asynchronous independent modes to greatly improve the operation efficiency. At the same time, the system has flexible application scenarios, mainly including multi-station four-valve synchronous or asynchronous precision optical part dispensing, MiniLED Dam&fill dispensing, and SMT PCB board filling and encapsulation.

Features and Advantages Features and Advantages

High Speed and High Precision

Flexible double-drive, linear motor and closed-loop drive with grating ruler to guarantee high-precision dispensing of large span gantry.

Four-valve dispensing to improve the equipment efficiency.

High Flexibility

With modular design, the equipment can match application modules of different process conditions, and is suitable for scenarios such as VCM/CCM/MEMS/SMT/MiniLED.

The online operation can be done through multiple serial or parallel machines, and the workpiece return system ensures fully automatic loading and unloading of workpieces to improve the equipment capacity.

A single machine can be provided with loading and unloading modules to improve the automation capability of the single machine.

Stable Equipment Operation

Good shock absorption with one-piece cast mineral structure frame pioneering in the industry to effectively reduce the impact vibration caused by the high-speed operation of the equipment and ensure the long-term operation stability of the equipment.

High Efficiency and Intelligence

Matching intelligent workshops and provided with SECS/GEM, MES and other interfaces to guarantee the intelligence of industry 4.0 factories.

Special Process Modules Special Process Modules

  • 1

    Four-Valve Synchronous or Asynchronous Independent Motion Structure

    Simultaneous operation for different processes

    Improving the equipment utilization and dispensing efficiency

  • 2

    Flexible Double-Drive Structure

    Improving the operation precision and compensation precision of the equipment

    Guaranteeing high-speed, stable and reliable operation of the equipment

  • 3

    Fully Automatic Needle Cleaning Module

    Compatible with a variety of glue-wiping structures

    Fully automatic and efficient cleaning of glue in the dispensing head

    Improving the operation efficiency of the whole machine

  • 4

    Multifunctional Track Module

    The conveyor tracks can be configured according to different process requirements

    The tracks are adjustable to meet different product width requirements

    Different online methods can be selected according to the production line requirements

    such as serial connection, parallel connection and return

  • 5

    Four-Valve Multiple Vision Recognition & Detection Module

    Each dispensing head can be provided with a vision module to improve the recognition and detection efficiency

  • 6

    Fully Automatic Equipment Self-Check Function

    By means of systematic hand-eye calibration, the dispensing accuracy self-check of the equipment is realized to prevent the equipment abnormality

Application Fields Application Fields

  • SMT
  • MiniLED
  • MEMS