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Fully-Automatic Mounting MachineAC100

AC100 is a piece of high-stability and high-precision mounting equipment which is developed based on the precision assembly process requirements of modules and shell-and-tube devices (shells, parts and components, etc.)
The equipment can be provided with modules such as automatic loading & unloading and product pre-curing, and can automatically realize functions of automatic substrate loading & unloading, dispensing operation and glue shape detection, component mounting and mounting result detection, and product pre-curing. It is compatible with international semiconductor communication protocols, and meets the relevant requirements of automated production lines.

Application Fields Application Fields

  • Sensor Housing Mounting
  • Holder Mounting
  • Reinforcement Plate Mounting
  • Main Camera And Auxiliary Camera Mounting
  • VCM Mounting

Composition of Fully-Automatic Operation System Composition of Fully-Automatic Operation System

❶ Dispensing module (optional according to process requirements) ❷ Mounting module ❸ Conveyor track ❹ Feeding module ❺ Parallel connection rail (optional) ❻ Loading & unloading module (optional) 


Operation Flow Operation Flow


Features and Advantages Features and Advantages

The dispensing station is compatible with piezoelectric valves / screw valves / squeeze valves / dispensing controllers, so the product has strong versatility and wide application range.

The tilting & rotation axis (optional) is provided to meet the requirements of side dispensing process.

ESD protection meets international IEC and ANSI standards.

The mounting head has pressure calibration and leveling functions to facilitate the quality control during production.

The mounting head supports adsorption and gripper customization, and has a wide range of applications.

With optional parallel operation mode, the downtime of a single station does not affect the whole line operation during parallel operation.