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Precision Spot Welding PlatformDW200P

DW-200P is a high-precision desktop visual resistance welding system, which can realize real-time pressure inspection to give an alarm when the parameter range threshold is exceeded, precisely control the pressure and energy, and improve the quality control capability.

Features and Advantages Features and Advantages

Yield Improvement

Real-time welding pressure inspection to give an alarm when the preset range is exceeded.

Precise energy control to effectively prevent burns around the pad.

Precise pressure control to effectively prevent the pad from collapsing.

Suitable for Automated Production Line

The head and power supply combination occupies a small space and is light-weight. It supports communication with the MES system, and can be flexibly integrated in the automated production line.

Application Fields Application Fields

  • Micro Speaker / Receiver
  • Voice Coil Motor
  • Flat Vibration Motor
  • Linear Vibration Motor
  • Enameled Wire Welding
  • Hot Riveting of Positioning Column
  • Thin Sheet Metal Welding

Potential Problems Potential Problems

Poor Welding

Insufficient energy or pressure.

Pad Collapsing

Too high pressure.

Substrate Warpage and Peripheral Burns

Excessive energy caused by too high pressure and too long contact time.

Targeted Solutions Targeted Solutions

High-Precision Energy Control

Closed-loop energy control to quickly achieve stable output and effectively prevent the pad burns caused by energy diffusion.

High-Precision Pressure Control

Closed-loop pressure control with the error of ±5g, and real-time pressure inspection to give an alarm when the threshold is exceeded.