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Desktop Visual Dispensing MachineVS Series

The VS series is a high-precision visual dispensing machine with glue AOI, 360° rotation and tilting & rotation functions, and has reached the industry-leading level in terms of performance, ease of use and reliability, etc.

Features and Advantages Features and Advantages

The servo motor and the grinding screw module are used to ensure high precision, high speed, high efficiency and high consistency of the system during operation.

The repetitive positioning accuracy of the platform can be up to 0.01mm; and in combination with independent core pneumatic controller or jetting valve, high-precision and stable discharge and precise trajectory control of the fluid can be achieved.

The stable glue line width or glue dot diameter of 0.2mm can be achieved by the non-contact method.

Intelligent modules such as intelligent visual recognition, laser altimetry, automatic needle correction, online UV exposure and liquid level detection are available for selection.

The unique dispensing process module is compatible with blowing and suction method for automatic valve cleaning, effectively preventing glue hanging.

Application Fields Application Fields

  • TWS Wireless Headset
  • Receiver
  • Linear Motor
  • Speaker
  • Flat Motor
  • LCM