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Fully-Automatic Dispensing MachineFS800

FS800 series automatic dispensing equipment is a high-speed, high-precision and cost-effective online dispensing system which is developed based on the new energy FPC industry. It can meet the FPCs of various sizes, and can support Max. 2100mm-long carrier plate to realize completion in one operation. It can be provided with double heads, double valves and double tracks to improve the CT time. The dispensing process requirements in multiple scenarios can be met with the tilting & rotation module.

Features and Advantages Features and Advantages

Achievement of High-Quality and High-Speed Precise Dispensing

Grating ruler positioning and linear motor drive to ensure accuracy and stability of the equipment.

Convenient Equipment Structure

Front and rear double-flip doors (gull-wing doors) to facilitate direct observation, debugging and picking & placement of carrier plates.

Double display components and alarm lamps making it easier to operate and observe.

Efficiency Improvement

Double tracks to save the carrier plate turnover time.

Supporting double heads and double valves to realize synchronous or asynchronous dispensing.

Supporting the supply of glue from large-volume glue tanks to reduce the replacement frequency.

High Compatibility

Adjustable track width, connectable, compatible with products of different sizes and specifications, and possible connection of multiple sets.

Supporting Max. 2100mm×400mm carrier plate to realize completion in one operation.

Special Process Modules Special Process Modules

  • FS8001

    Double-Track Module

    Optimization or saving of carrier plate turnover time and improvement of UPH

  • FS8002

    Double-Valve Asynchronization Module

    Suitable for dispensing with two kinds of glues in different processes

  • FS8003

    Tilting & Rotation Module

    Suitable for side dispensing process

  • FS8004

    360° Rotation Module

    Achievement of connector dispensing in five directions