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Online Visual Dispensing MachineFS700F

FS700 series automatic dispensing equipment is a high-speed and high-precision online dispensing system which is developed based on the size requirements of large products such as power battery FPC and MiniLED.
The system can be provided with double-valve synchronization / double-valve asynchronization configurations, etc. to greatly improve the operation efficiency. It is mainly used in processes such as NTC encapsulation, MiniLED dispensing, Dam & Fill, Flip-chip and BGA underfill.

Features and Advantages Features and Advantages

Stable equipment operation

Good shock absorption with mineral frame structure pioneering in the industry to effectively reduce the impact caused by high-speed equipment operation.

Production Information Management

Real-time production status information uploading and MES system docking.

Achievement of High-Efficiency and High-Speed Precise Dispensing

Optional double-valve synchronization / double-valve asynchronization module to improve the dispensing efficiency.

Grating ruler positioning and combination of linear motor and servo motor.

Online High-Compatibility Equipment

Adjustable track width, connectable, compatible with products of different sizes and specifications, and possible connection of multiple sets.

Compatible with Max. 1500×500mm carrier plate conveying.

2000×500mm product operation can be achieved by two pieces of equipment.

Special Process Modules Special Process Modules

  • 1

    Double-Valve Asynchronization Module

    Double valves do not work at the same time

    Completion of two dispensing processes in the same machine

  • 3

    Double-Valve Module

    Double valves work at the same time (fixed distance between double valves)

    Improvement of production efficiency

  • 2

    Double-Valve Synchronization Module

    Double valves work at the same time (double heads with position compensation function)

    Improvement of production efficiency

Typical Applications Typical Applications

  • FPC Component Encapsulation
  • SMT Component Dispensing Protection
  • Dam & Fill Process for MiniLED Dispensing
  • Flip-Chip and BGA Underfill

Optional Configurations Optional Configurations

  • Low Level Detection and Alarm
  • Laser Altimetry System
  • ouble-Valve (Synchronization / Asynchronization)
  • Automatic Loading & Unloading
  • Piezoelectric Jetting Valve
  • 360° Rotation Dispensing Module
  • Weighing Module
  • Ultra-Precision Dispensing Controller
  • Tilting & Rotation Dispensing Module