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Online Visual Dispensing MachineFS600F

FS600 series fully-automatic dispensing equipment is a high-speed, high-precision and cost-effective online dispensing system which is developed based on the needs of industries such as SMT, FATP, VCM and MiniLED. The system integrates various core dispensing technologies and has rich configurations to meet the requirements of high-precision encapsulation, filling, bonding, assembly and other dispensing processes under complex working conditions.

Features and Advantages Features and Advantages

Intelligent Fool-Proof

Product status inspection before operation, and glue status inspection after operation.

Production Information Management

Real-time production status information uploading and MES system docking.

Rich Process Applicability

According to different process requirements, configuration options such as on-line mode, double track, double valve, tilting, bottom heating, weighing and loading & unloading are provided.

High Speed and High Stability

Grating ruler positioning, linear motor drive, and Class A anti-vibration mineral casting platform.

High Convenience

The universal dispensing platform is suitable for a variety of dispensing process requirements to achieve quick model changeover.

Special Process Modules Special Process Modules

  • 1

    Tilting & Rotation Module

    Suitable for side dispensing process

  • 2

    360° Rotation Module

    Suitable for 360° obstacle-avoidance dispensing process

  • 3

    Work Transfer Module

    Positioning / transfer function

    Optional single-track / double-track modes

Typical Applications Typical Applications

  • Underfill
  • Dam&Fill
  • Lens Gluing
  • Dust-Catching Gluing
  • Solder Paste Dispensing
  • SMD Encapsulation
  • PUR Adhesive Dispensing for Middle Bezel
  • FPC Component Reinforcement
  • FPC Component Reinforcement
  • Metal dome gluing

Optional Configurations Optional Configurations

  • Double-Valve Synchronization
  • Double-Valve Asynchronization
  • Waiting Area and Dispensing Area Bottom Heating
  • Double-Track Parallel Operation
  • Weighing System
  • Laser Altimetry
  • Low Level Detection and Alarm
  • Automatic Loading & Unloading
  • Code Scanning Identification
  • Vacuum Adsorption Platform

Product video Product video