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Online Visual Dispensing MachineGS600M

GS600M is a fully-automatic online dispensing platform developed based on the needs of the MEMS industry. It can provide one-stop solutions for on-line ASIC chip encapsulation, precision solder paste dispensing and multiple foolproof detection, etc. in the MEMS process. High-quality control of the entire production process is realized.
The on-line workstation operation can also be selected.

Features and Advantages Features and Advantages

Yield Improvement

Work positions are inspected before and after operation, and the final station is professionally inspected to achieve multiple fool proof.

Full Automation

The on-line mode is used to minimize manual intervention.

Prevention of Whole Line Downtime

Operation tracks / conveyor tracks are separated, so that shutdown of a single machine does not affect the operation of the whole line.

Meeting Information Management Requirements

Real-time MES system docking, production status information uploading, and system abnormal status alarm.

Supporting SECS/GEM semiconductor communication protocol.

Meeting Stringent Engineering Requirements

Class-100 dustproof design

ESD protection meeting international IEC and ANSI standards.

Good shock absorption with mineral frame structure to effectively reduce the impact caused by high-speed movement.

Application Fields Application Fields

  • MEMS Microphone
  • MEMS Barometer
  • MEMS Accelerometer

Optional Configurations Optional Configurations

  • Automatic Loading & Unloading System
  • Weighing Module
  • Ultra-Precision Dispensing Controller
  • Piezoelectric Jetting Valve
  • Auxiliary Module for Dispensing Process