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Underfill Dispensing MachineGS600SU

GS600SU is a high-speed and high-precision automatic online dispensing system which is developed based on Underfill process requirements of FCBGA/FCCSP.
The system strictly controls the product and adhesive temperature, and intelligently sorts the product operation sequence and the glue replenishment time, reducing the generation of voids and ensuring the operation yield. Meanwhile, it is compatible with international semiconductor communication protocols, and matches the information management requirements.

Application Fields Application Fields

  • FCBGA Packaging CUF Application
  • FCCSP Packaging CUF Application
  • SiP Packaging CUF Application

Special Process Modules Special Process Modules

  • shijuexitong

    CUF Special Piezoelectric Jetting System

    Adhesive insulation + piezoelectric ceramic temperature closed-loop control to avoid system instability caused by temperature influence

  • Triple Low-level Alarm

    Triple Low-level Alarm

    Capacitive detection + magnetic detection + system weighing to avoid poor operation caused by lack of glue

  • Vacuum Adsorption Heating Fixture

    Vacuum Adsorption Heating Fixture

    The temperature difference of the whole surface of the fixture is ≤ ±1.5°C, and the temperature is monitored and compensated in real time to avoid poor operation caused by product temperature variation during operation

  • Press-Down Track

    Press-Down Track

    The vacuum adsorption fixture always keeps still, and the track moves up and down to avoid poor operation caused by loss of flatness during reciprocating movement of the vacuum adsorption fixture.

  • 平台式上下料系统

    Platform-Type Loading & Unloading System

    The feeding sequence is automatically sorted, and the operation is completed within the Plasma time limit

    Friendly human-machine interface design

  • 视觉系统

    Visual system

    Positioning and detection functions

    Inspection before operation to avoid defective incoming materials

    Inspection after operation to prevent batch defects

Product video Product video