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Wafer-Level Dispensing MachineGS600SW

GS600SW is a high-stability and high-precision wafer dispensing machine which is developed based on Underfill process requirements of RDL First WLP.
The equipment meets the needs of the semiconductor industry, can be provided with an automatic wafer loading & unloading system, and can automatically realize functions such as wafer handling, alignment, preheating, operation heating and heat dissipation. It is compatible with international semiconductor communication protocols, and is provided with an AMHS automatic loading & unloading robot interface to match the information management requirements and unmanned management trends.

Composition of SS101 Wafer-Level Dispensing System Composition of SS101 Wafer-Level Dispensing System

  • GS600SW wafer-level dispensing machine × 2
  • PC101 wafer loading & unloading machine × 1

Application Fields Application Fields

  • RDL First WLP
  • CUF Application

SS101 Wafer-Level Dispensing Operation Flow SS101 Wafer-Level Dispensing Operation Flow


Features and Advantages Features and Advantages

Supporting 8/12-inch wafer dispensing.

Dustproof level 10, meeting the environmental requirements of wafer level packaging.

ESD protection meeting international IEC and ANSI standards.

In the whole process of wafer turnover and operation, the temperature is finely controlled and automatically corrected to meet the CUF process requirements while ensuring the product safety.

The whole-process video monitoring facilitates product turnover, operation process observation, and problem tracing and analysis

Product video Product video